Swimming Pools

Himac Engineering is one of the Pakistan's largest specialist Swimming Pool Constructions, Installation of Filtration Equipment, Accessories and Water Purification Equipment Company providers.

We deal in all pools sizes ranging from residential to commercial use of any size, shape or design. We believe in providing high quality products at unbeatable prices. We also provide chemicals, filters, heaters, pumps, pipe fittings, pool toys and spares along with complete installation and refurbishment of existing pools. Our service is intended to make owning a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and Saunas as enjoyable and stress free as possible every time.

Himac Engineering believe in quality products for our valuable customers to provide them our services with Turn-Key-Solutions for specially Swimming Pools Construction, Installation of Equipment and Accessories, Water Contamination problems that meet their present as well as future coming requirements to ensure that today’s investment is in the line with tomorrow’s objectives.